Fr. Bill Tragus

[Fr. Bill Tragus]

Fr. Bill Tragus

Father Bill grew up at St. Katherine’s Greek Orthodox Church in Redondo Beach.

He is a graduate of the University of Southern California (USC) with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. He has worked in Marketing, Sales and management for the clothing & food industries, and as a Loan Consultant for World Savings.

After graduating from Holy Cross in Boston, with a Masters of Divinity, he was assigned to be the Diocese Youth Director for the Diocese of San Francisco. Upon leaving the Diocese, he was assigned as the Pastoral Assistant at Saint Anthony Greek Orthodox Church in Pasadena.

His presbytera, Mia, grew up at the Greek Orthodox mission until her family moved to Chicago. She met Father Bill at the Greek Orthodox mission Camp when she moved back to Los Angeles as a young adult. Both their fathers were raised at the Greek Orthodox mission Cathedral.

Father Bill has been involved in many youth programs, including serving as the Director of the Greek Orthodox mission Camp for 4 years and the Director of St. Nicholas Summer Camp for 2 years.

Father Bill was Associate Priest at the Greek Orthodox mission Cathedral from October 2005 – February 2011.

On March 1, 2011, Father Bill was appointed by Metropolitan Gerasimos to the Mission of South Orange County

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